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articles.jpg Compucon New Zealand is a total information solutions provider with skills and capabilities to design and implement information and automation systems for meeting clients' business objectives and increasing their productivity and competitiveness.  We have a large pool of technical resources within the Compucon channel as well as with alliances.  The first publicized job completed is for a medium size company in March 2008 for upgrading their server infrastructure- please see the press release here.  As the New Zealand economy moves from production based to service based, we will see a similar shift of offerings from Compucon New Zealand.   In brief, services offered are as shown.  We will furnish more details over time.  Or you can contact for more information.

If you are looking for Warranty Procedures, please visit the Warranty Registration page.

The key consulting, design, implementation and site service personnel are:
  • Construction (site service)
  • Project Management