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Third Space of Interactivity Education Print
December 2006

(For Principals, ICT Directors & Teachers in Charge)

"Our kids are not just younger than us.  They are also newer.  They are the next model of modern human beings.  Are we qualified to prepare them for jobs that do not exist yet?  Should we look backwards at our own past and chain the new generations to the same behaviour patterns?  Values do not change as the existence and manifestation of values are the governing difference between animals and human beings.  But the way of interactivity between humans can change, and has been changing in the process of human evolution through the ages of stone, agriculture, industry and information over the last 5000 years.  Currently we are moving into the Third Space, Third… where life in all its ambiguity is played out."  The above is the premises of a speech given by Brenda Frisk, Director of ICT Botany Downs Secondary College at the Compucon Education & Technology Forum held recently in Compucon House.  The Third Space is a new format of exchange of sight, sound and motion for message transmission.  There are 600 billion web pages in existence today as one of the media supporting this new way of communicating, and the US alone has completed $141 billions of sales transactions via the Internet.   We are right into the Third Space now.  We need to know how to teach students to talk, listen and collaborate there.   Brenda previously taught in Canada and has successfully introduced a multimedia program that has enabled her students to appreciate and participate in the Third Space.  She provided examples of works of her students and they are simply exhilarating and impressive.  Sadly, the examples showed that we are a couple of years behind Canada.  This is a final wake up call if it is not the first one.  Email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   of your views or to organise further discussions and actions as desirable.