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Bottom Line through the Web? Print
June 2011

Every organization whether it is a business, school or non-profit making entity has a budget and the manager has the responsibility of making all ends meet.  Many business advisers have advocated deploying technologies to reduce costs.  In doing so, managers have incurred the costs of employing IT people and the gap of IT literacy may lead some into black holes surrendering some control away to IT people.  This is not necessary.  Assume that we do not know why “IP is Everything”.  We just need to know that business dictates the deployment of technology and not the other way round.  Below is an example of what to do.

We want to employ a new staff member.  To do it professionally, we draft a position spec, a personal spec, and various documents that would help give us confidence that the chosen people would be the most suitable person for the job.  We then post the information on a website that specialises in staff recruitment; the price is $200 say for one month of advertisement.  In comparison, a regional paper would charge $200 for one day of a 4cm single column classified ad.  This is what CNZ did a while ago.  CNZ obtained 130 applications in 2 weeks.  We held 2 rounds of group interviews of 1 hour each and selected the most suitable person (and this has been proven so far).  We did not employ an HR consultant or recruitment house to handle this process, and we do not have an HR person in the company.  The end result is that we have spent $200 in the process and employed a very suitable person.  This is one example of using the web for business purposes.  For more real life examples and some concise guidelines, please read this tutorial: