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Europe Leads in Crossing over to IP Print
June 2011

Regular visitors to the security industry tradeshow which is held annually in Sydney have commented that the tradeshow is getting bigger year by year and that the displays have become more complex and mind boggling.  The writer decided to take a look of this engineering segment called Building Services Management in the tradeshow held in Darling Harbour in early September.  The writer was shocked and impressed with the state of developments.  Physical real estate access control (not computer firewall), fire alarming (not anti-virus), intruder detection (yes they are Hackers and Trojans), and various bits and pieces have now been integrated with video surveillance to a certain extent in one single computer system.

All top world vendors were represented in the tradeshow.  The writer took a count and found that Europe based vendors were dominant whereas America based vendors were far and few in between.  USA has led in IT industry development especially from the Silicon Valley.  People there are busy working on a new business model called Cloud Computing.  Europeans continue to stay down to earth and have managed to become leaders in transforming physical security system technologies while USA dominates in the clouds.  The Microsoft and Intel of the physical security industry are Europeans in Denmark & Sweden respectively.