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Digital TV and TV over the Internet Print
June 2011

New Zealand TV broadcast will be digital by 2013 according to a news release on the Ministry of Economic Development website in September.  Hawkes Bay and West Coast will be the first 2 locations to go digital. The South Island, Lower North Island and Upper North Island will follow in 3 stages.  This move will free up some radio spectrum for new uses and give consumers more choices and higher quality TV programs.  

Digital TV is not the same as TV over the Internet which is more commonly known as IPTV, where IP stands for Internet Protocol.  Digital TV refers to broadcasts from TV stations to consumers through the radio spectrum and does not use the Internet as the delivery medium. Transmission of TV content over the Internet is happening already on demand but not as a standard delivery approach.  Most consumers do not have fast Internet connection at this stage to do real time viewing of TV programs and we will have to wait for the government funded ultra fast broadband rollout to take place first.