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White Clouds Dark Clouds Print
June 2011

Cloud computing refers to the clouds as the computing resources as opposed to our internal servers.  Many people have unknowingly joined the clouds and yet they resist the movements of the clouds. Why? 

The editor is not a proponent or opponent of cloud computing and is acting as an observer here.  Google mails, Hotmails and Yahoo mails among many others are cloud computing as the email servers that support these mail services are somewhere in the clouds.  Consumers do not pay anything for these email service at the moment but this may change in the future.  Most businesses resist entrusting third parties to handle & store their data rightfully. 

This scenario has produced a clear guidance to us all.  Instead of running our complex email servers in-house, we let go of it.  Instead of running an expensive phone exchange system in-house, we let go of it.  They are just tools and depreciating assets.   Data is different.  Data is the reason for having information systems.  Data is private, unique and hugely important for the management of a business.  Data stays in-house.  A white paper for your reading: