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Video is 21st Century Language Print
June 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words.  What about a video?  See how popular You Tube has been? 

Video is indeed the language of the 21st century.  It was not possible previously because the cost of producing, transmitting and consuming video was high.  This has changed due to a few technology progresses made. 

One is called compression.  The latest technique can compress a video file by up to 200 times without losing much originality.  Instead of transmitting 20Mbps on the Internet which is either impossible or gravely expensive, we need to transmit 1Mbps only. 

Another development is IP for Internet Protocol.  It is an open standard for prescribing how different efforts can be developed separately and yet integrated to produce an end to end solution.  Camera and video handling are coming to the party.  Applications that were not IP based are coming to the party now.  These include physical building access and intrusion protection, internal environmental comfort control (water, temperature) and all processes in manufacturing. The flood gate has opened!