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Human Body Temperature Print
June 2011

Our normal body temperature is 36.8 degree C and it fluctuates within a small range during the day.  The body, as any other object with a temperature, emits a radiation that pertains to its temperature.  These two pieces of information have formed the basis for employing Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) to detect the presence of human.  Dogs and cats have a slightly higher body temperature at 38.6 and they may be detected by the same sensors for human.  Nevertheless, PIR tuned for human detection will not pick up leaf movements in wind or change of illumination level.   Therefore we can add PIR as an extra intelligence to video surveillance cameras.

In an automated process plant or restricted access area, for examples, a PIR camera can record undesirable human presence and trigger alarms.  The same arrangement also improves the quality of footage and the use of recording storage estates significantly.  Furthermore we can connect a bright light source to the trigger and this will further improve the quality of recorded videos even at night time.  We have tested the above ideas and are ready to offer the technique to customers