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Surveillance Against Vandalism & Bullying? Print
June 2011

As a technology company, we will refrain from commenting on the issues of vandalism and bullying in schools and will only explain the choices of video surveillance from 2 perspectives: fitness for purposes and cost of ownership. 

There have been a lot of myths due to the recent intrusion of digital technology into video surveillance and the strong resistance from trade practitioners.  In brief, digital technology has over-promised and many trade practitioners have under-performed.  Obviously there are vendors and contractors who do not over promise or under perform.  Schools need to make judgements.  

IPVS stands for Internet Protocol based Video Surveillance.  Cameras contain computer chips to process and compress signals locally before sending them to the recorder.  The recorder is a generic PC based server but dedicated to recording of footage and facilitating retrieval on demand.  The connection fabric is just the standard local area network in the school.  The above sounds easy to understand and manage.  This is the real beauty of IPVS. 

The technology being phased out deploys cameras which send analogue video signals (not digital) to proprietary recorders (not generic PC) via point to point links of coaxial cables (not LAN cables). When the old system is broken or needs an extension, we need to call in specialist technicians and may need a budget of a quantum jump (not incremental) on many occasions.  IP cameras have higher definitions and clarity than analogue cameras as a market practice.  

IPVS is one manifestation of IP ingressions into our daily life and the trend will continue for the foreseeable future.   See this