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Myths of Computing Print
June 2011

The technology seminar held in Kamo High School in April was well attended and received by nearly 30 persons (adults not students). The topic was about the discoveries of a journey embarked by Compucon over the last few months.  Many discoveries are eye opening and mind boggling. 

- We have learned that an organization or a PC is as strong as its weakest link. 

- The graphics card of a PC is now capable of computing and the CPU may not matter any more! 

- Some people are selling high end systems for the sake of being high end and they do not pay respect to fitness for purposes. 

- Hardware needs software to run.  Hardware technology is ahead of software.  Software is the weak link. 

- Name brands get their names known from advertising to consumers and are not necessarily industrial grade.  Some people are happy to pay brand taxes. 

The above points were made in the seminar and they could be seen as controversial.  Surprisingly, the controversies if any have been taken on board in the seminar with welcoming signs.  Several schools and teachers have expressed the desire of having more regular seminars of this nature in the near future.  Compucon is a commercial company and we feel extremely honoured for given such feedbacks and treatments.  At the same time, the situation does reveal the lack of diligence of many who supply technology products to schools and this is an issue we shall be aware of.  See this for some discovery info pertaining to graphics workstations.