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June 2011

As the Millennium began, laptops found their feet and took away half of the market from desktops due to their portable nature which allows laptops to be more personalised than desktops.  In the middle of the last decade, a couple of politicians scored well by talking about enabling every school child in Africa to have a PC.  The idea is that poor children should have access to a PC which can be of a low performance and quality standard as long as it is a PC.  A Taiwan brand Asustek jumped to fame by producing EEEPC which has a 7 to 10” screen with entry level hardware and created a new category called NETBOOK.  Netbook took away 20% of the market from laptops right away and got many laptop brands worried.  Apple iPad tablets turned up in year 2010 emphasizing small size, instant power on and ease of use without involving a keyboard or mouse.  iPad has since displaced netbook and taken 20% of the notebook market as well. 

If we extrapolate this trend towards miniaturization and ease of use, we would meet the device that most of us are already familiar with.   It is the Smart Phone.  Smart Phones are capable of sending emails and browsing the web.  They are certainly very small in size.  Most have 10 days of standby battery support, touch screen enabled, and extremely personalized.  By now, we may think the evolution of PC technology is complete and we wonder what is next.  The good news is that desktops have stood the test of time, and will have a second come back in 2012 with touch screen capabilities.  Microsoft has already provided a preview of Windows 8 in the Computex tradeshow in Taipei in June and we are simply impressed!   Click this and we will bring you to a video shot of the preview.