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AMD Llano APU for Thunderbird A75 Print
August 2011

Llano APU is the first release of CPU incorporating GPU by AMD.  Armed by specialist graphics knowledge from ATI we would expect this APU to out-perform Intel Sandy Bridge in graphics performance even though Sandy Bridge is the 2nd iteration of CPU releases incorporating the GPU. 

AMD has planned 3 series of APU called A8, A6 and A4 respectively. They have 4, 4, and 2 computing cores, and 400, 320 and 160 graphics cores respectively.  HD refers to ATI Radeon.  All have hardware DX11 capabilities such as Tessellation.
A8 = 4C, HD6550 (400), DX11
A6 = 4C, HD6530 (320), DX11
A4 = 2C, HD6410 (160), DX11
The slides provide performance benchmark test data from 3rd party websites.  They show that AMD APU is well ahead of Intel integrated GPU on DirectX 11 and DirectX 9 performance.

The chipset supporting Llano APU is A75.  It natively supports 6xSATA 6Gb/s with Host RAID0,1,10 and 4xUSB 3.0 support.  This area is ahead of Intel as in August 2011.  

In additional to the higher graphical abilities of the integrated GPU in the APU, A75 supports Dual Graphics.  This is a feature combining the performance of an add-on graphics card with the APU although not as an arithmetic sum.  A slide shows the effect of hybrid GPU resources in various scenario.
The slides will give readers a good idea of how AMD positions A75 and APU against Intel.  No doubt APU excels in integrated graphics performance.  The A8 series is meant to compete with Intel Core i5 series in computing performance. 

Compucon New Zealand plans to release Thunderbird A75 in early August 2011.  The initial release is based on the top A8 APU and not normally the lowest spec CPU as we previously did.

The slides are accessible to channel members with a login password and not to the public.

Presentation: 2011-08 Llano for Thundbird A75.pdf (3.3MB)