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Synology CS-406e (Desktop Unit) *EOL* Print
February 2007

The CS-406 CubeStation offers RAID capability over 4 SATA drives which provides data redundancy and extra capacity (up to 1.5 Terabyte with RAID-5 or 2 x 1 Terabyte arrays with RAID-0). The device supports Gigabit Ethernet and 2 extra USB devices (such as hard drives for extra storage or backup). Its features include support for Windows Active Directory Service, user quota management, PHP+MySQL web server, secure FTP server, USB printer server and UPS support over USB 2.0. Networking-wise it supports CIFS, Apple Talk and FTP for both Windows and MAC users. The CubeStation offers easy Web-based management for all the integrated features and includes software to backup workstations and servers on the network with scheduling capabilities. The device supports up to 1024 user accounts, 100 shared folders and 64 concurrent connections making it suitable for SMB and Corporate use for up to 50 users. Note: This product is end-of-life

  • Windows ADS/NT4 Domain Support
  • Small Footprint (230X168X184mm)
  • Terabytes Storage Capacity
  • RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 Support
  • User Quota Management
  • UPnP Multimedia Server
  • Superb Gigabyte Per Dollar Ratio
  • Easy Assembly
  • Designed for Quiet Office
  • Photo Station with Album Control
  • Continuous BT, FTP, and HTTP Download without a PC
  • Web Server with PHP+MySQL Support
  • Secure FTP Server
  • Printer Server
  • File Server
  • Total Backup Solutions (Secure Network Backup, Local Backup, and PC Backup)


Work with Windows ADS

Cube Station itself already has account management, but what if you want your Windows-domain colleagues to share the function-rich server? The Windows domain support is compatible with Windows ADS and NT4 Domain.

More Data Space, Less Desk Space

If you want a storage device with large capacity, and also want it to be elegant and small footprint, then CS-406 is your perfect choice. It allows you to easily assemble 4 SATA hard drives into a small cube, and make a multi-terabyte storage.

Transfer Data Securely

If you are worried about critical data being accessed via Internet, the Secure FTP and Secure Network Backup can take care of it. Secure FTP uses the matured SSL/TLS technology and Secure Network Backup uses encrypted package to transfer data.

Protect Your Data with Redundancy

What can you get from a 4-drive system? RAID! CS-406 supports large-capacity RAID0 and reliable RAID1 and RAID 5.

Program Your Own Web

Creating your own web site is always a fun thing to do. Cube Station now supports PHP+MySQL. You are free to construct your own web site with dynamic web contents, or to install PHP open source applications from the Internet, such as blog and bulletin board.

Total Backup Solutions

Data backup is so important but people tend to ignore it, Cube Station makes data backup so complete and automatic that backup always be done without your attention. From Secure Network Backup, Local Backup, to PC Backup (Synology Data Replicator II), you can always find the backup alternatives that fit your needs.

Let the Music Play

If you have cool photos, music, and movies, why not share them out? You simply upload the files to Cube Station, hook up a Digital Media Adapter, and you can start enjoying them with your TV or audio set.

Continuous Download without PC

Wouldn’t it be cool if you can turn off your PC when you are downloading files? Download Station is just designed for that. You only need to manage the download tasks with Synology Download Redirector, and the files will be transferred to Cube Station. That’s it.

Introduction Powerpoint Presentation: pdf 2006-1025 CS-406 Introduction 2.62 Mb

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