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Roles of ICT Director Print
February 2007
In the context of schools, the ICT Director or Manager plays a central role in linking Education with ICT.
  • Linking Education to ICT refers to training our students in the field of ICT. Many schools have been teaching students to use Microsoft Word, make web pages and offering the International Computer Driver Licence courses.
  • Linking ICT to Education refers to integrating ICT in the process of Education. Most schools implement ICT as a tool for school administration, teaching and increasingly, student learning.
If ICT is an evolving environment and not a vocational subject, we would see that the above practices are insufficient. The Internet is evolving. It produces disruptive human behaviours. People put information on the Internet for free (such as Linux open source, Wikipedia encyclopaedia, Google search etc) and this behaviour breaks down the process of “control by information” that was used in the last century of governing. ICT is indeed a cultural evolution and more than a tool or vocational subject. Once we adopt this mental model, many more directions will emerge. Feel free to discuss this subject matter with This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it