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Beefed Up or Genuine Server? Print
March 2007
(For IT Managers)

Owing to the appeal of price and the irresponsible behaviour of some salesmen, many businesses and schools have gone to the extent of purchasing or using Beefed Up PC for server purposes. A Beefed Up PC refers to a computer that is designed and built for single user desktop use. A server refers to a computer that is designed and built for supporting a group or all users on the network. A server needs to be fast responding to multiple user requests and yet extremely reliable and scalable for user population growth. The above criteria previously resulted in a big divide in prices for the two classes of computers. Since purchase price is a key factor for many schools, it is not surprising that some schools have ended up with Beefed Up PC servers. Compucon has recognised the situation and come up with a low cost Genuine Server Grade product called SX Workgroup Server. It is based on Single Xeon with single, dual or quad cores. It supports 8GB RAM, plenty of server class PCI-X expansion slots and RAID for storage etc. The motherboard PCB is 6 layers server-grade. It has pedestal and rack-mounted options. More appealing is the provision of in-band and out-band remote monitoring capabilities. Lastly, the price is reasonable. Please see or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for information.