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What have Schools Gained from School TECH? Print
August 2007

What have Schools Gained from School TECH?
(For ICT Management)

The conference was held 2 weeks ago and some vendors rated the event as successful.  The basis for claiming success or failure is the number of visitors going through the trade display.  This basis is obviously not a concern for participants from schools.  The Ministry has indicated that the purpose of sponsoring the conference is to facilitate more interactions between schools and vendors.  What have schools gained from these interactions?  Have schools gained enough to justify the time and effort of attending?  How would schools use the gain for improving ICT standards in the school?  Compucon being one of the participants has made the following observations.  Schools want to know what they do not know and to consolidate what they already know.  The scope can be as shallow as which vendors provide the cheapest products or as deep as which vendors will assist the school in operating ICT in an integrated manner.  The trade display is a forum for horizontal interfaces whereas the workshops are opportunities for obtaining vertical information.  Vertical information refers to background or details of technologies and how they support promises to schools.   Horizontal interfaces are less technology related and are more people related.  Without doubt, both are important for schools to obtain a complete picture.  From our direct experience, we are pleased to report that many participants have been interactive in our workshop on Remote Management & Server Technologies, and they visited our display afterwards to obtain the other half of information.  This observation indicates that some schools will make an effort to make up the knowledge gap if they identify any.  The ability of the vendor to transfer knowledge to schools is still very much in demand.  It is a pleasant finding.  On the issue of implementing ICT in an integrated manner- install good tools considering the purposes of student learning and facilitating teacher teaching, principal managing and technician maintaining at the same time, observations indicated that most schools were not quite there yet.