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Personal/Executive/Business Back Up System Print
September 2007

This is a system consisting of an external notebook size hard disk and a software that schedules, automates and encrypts the back up (and recovery) of files including Microsoft Outlook emails. f As far as we have researched it is a unique product although it is not in the class of tape libraries or auto-loaders.  The context is for smaller businesses that may be using tapes, DVD, CD, NAS, removable HDD and a variety of back up devices.  We can use it for backing up files of a server under Microsoft Windows 2003, or a workstation or PC or laptop under Windows XP Pro 32-bit (or Vista Business 32-bit).  Its most amazing feature is its ease of use and encryption for personal files, meaning that even if the little unit gets stolen, no one can access your data unless they have your secret password as well.

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Feature Summary

  • Hands-free and real-time automatic file back up (one-way synchronization) through the powerful QBack auto-back up software installed on PC/notebook
  • Multiple choices of back up modes: Auto-Back up, Schedule back up, Instant back up, and One-Touch-Button (OTB) back up
  • Incremental back up feature for all modes, only modified files and newly created files on computer will be backed up to save time
  • Smart detection of back up file size and available storage capacity on the disk to ensure successful back up
  • Optional 2.5” hard disk required: 20GB, 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, 100GB, 120GB or 160GB
  • Back up all files in computer including all mails in Outlook & Outlook Express, Fonts*, My Documents, My Favorites and Desktop *Outlook & Outlook Express mails and Fonts can be backed up in Schedule and Instant back up only
  • Advanced data encryption technology (AES 256-bit) to make sure the back up data is securely protected at all times
  • Anti-Shock design to prevent the HDD from unintentional drop damage
  • Hard disk can be partitioned into 2 disks:
    Public and Secure disk by Quick Install Wizard
  • USB 2.0 interface for faster back up file transfer



Data back up is an important job which is often ignored by most users. This unit simplifies back up and enables everyone to back up data easily.

The valuable features of QBack include:
(1) Automatic Back up: Automatic synchronization of mirroring back up data in QBack to ensure convenient and secure data back up.
(2) Built-in AES 256-bit data encryption technology: All confidential data in the secure disk is automatically protected with data encryption. Only authorized access is allowed.
(3) Incremental back up technology enables speedy and efficient back up.
(4) Easy back up of e-mails and files in Favorites and My Documents etc.
(5) Instant Back up and Schedule Back up are very comprehensive and easy to use.

Hardware Specification

HDD 2.5” IDE HDD, up to 160GB (the standard package is shipped without HDD)
Transfer Interface
Power, Access, Security
One-Touch-Button One touch back up (OTB) button
Anti-shock Design PCB bubble, 4-corner shockproof pad
Dimensions: 131.7(D) x 77.7(W) x 16.7(H)mm
5.18 (D )x 3.06(W) x 0.66(H) inch
Weight: 60.5g (without HDD)
Temperature: 0~40°C
Relative Humidity:
0~85% R.H.

Software Specification

Supporting System Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista(32-bit)
Automatic Back up Software • Expert mode
   Auto-Back up
   Schedule Back up
   Instant Back up & Restore
• Express mode:Express back up and restore
• AES 256-bit data encryption
• Incremental back up
• Secure disk management
• Q-Mail Archiving
• Q-Filter
• Event management
Supporting Languages

• English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian
Quick Install Wizard • Clear step-by-step configuration
• Can create disk partition (Public/ Secure disk)
• Set password to protect data


QBack software v2.0.0.0 Build 1225:
US Mirror