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A new Data/File Back Up System Print
September 2007
We all know that we need to back up our computer systems for various reasons and that system back up is a major and critical task for us system administrators and network managers.  Some of you may have heard that the University of Wollongong in Australia has recently migrated from tape back up to disk back up cutting down back up time for 30TB from hours to minutes.  Do we do the same for our schools?  Yes and no.  Yes because we need to ride the wave of newer technologies for improving the quality of our systems and our lives.  No because every organisation has its own characteristics and imitating may not work.  Herewith we would like to introduce a new back up system that is based on disk (fast) but for a different segment of the back up task.  This new scheme is designed for personal level but can be applied at the server end as long as the system administrator has taken note of how it fits into the big picture of back up, disaster recovery and archiving.  What are the most important or desirable criteria for a back up system?  We would want the scheme to be reliable, efficient, low cost, and secured.  The new scheme is easy to implement and use. It is low cost.  Furthermore, it is the only one in its class to provide 256bit AES data encryption to give the owner of data total peace of mind.  Please see the attached file for more information or contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .