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Server Back up & RDX Drives Print
April 2008

Tape drive for system back up and recovery was the predominant device until not too long ago.  Large organizations are still using tape drive and auto loader as of today because of some unique features offered by tape drive.  Smaller organizations have been experimenting with removable hard disks, DVD, USB memory sticks, IOMEGA drives and NAS as the new media.  As the expectation levels of various people are different, some expressed success with the new media and some have stayed with tape drives.  If you ask the top storage technology suppliers for their recommendations, they would introduce terms like Storage SAN which is really beyond the scope of most small and medium size organizations.  For most small and medium size organizations, we recommend staying with tape drives and using hard disk media for transitional purposes for the complete backup arrangement.  We provide some best practices such as backup schemes and tape rotation schemes here for your reference:

Compucon would like to introduce a NEW backup device based on hard disk emulating a tape drive.  It is called RDX and is designed and developed by a world storage company called Tandberg Data based in Norway.  Tandberg has recently appointed Compucon New Zealand as an OEM partner and the first and only such partner in New Zealand and Australia.  This new RDX drive works like a traditional tape drive including the human interface and physical look.  Instead of tape cartridges as the storage medium, we have hard disks which are certainly removable, portable and re-usable up to 5000 times.  As we can expect, the hard disk back up and restore process occurs at the speed of hard disk which is about 10x times faster than low end tape drive technologies such as DAT and Travan.  Also, media size ranges from 80GB to 300GB at the moment and will continue to increase with time similar to hard disk developments.  To make the backup facility complete, Tandberg supplies Symantec BackUp Exec Quick Start edition (backup scheduling software) with RDX as a bundle.  For more information on RDX, please go to, contact the editor or one of the Compucon Channel service providers.