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Northern School IT Forum 15 May 2008 Print
April 2008

Northern School IT Forum
Kamo High School
15 May 2008 Thursday
Calling for Registration

How can the IT Industry Contribute to Schools?

We are taking a different approach to construct the forum this time.  Previous forums encompassed policies, updates and views covering big picture painting, teaching and computer administration.  Many who attended may find the forums interesting but the focus diffused.  This time we attempt to be more focussed.  We have dropped funding policies and connectivity issues, and attempt to focus on pure information technology matters only.   We will maintain a fair cross section and this has resulted in a session on a software based technology and a session on a hardware based technology.  The third session is a floor forum where topics and discussions are open to the entire gathering.  As such, we believe ICT managers and system administrators will get maximum benefits from this seminar.

A particular emphasis is how the local IT industry can help schools.  We have noticed that many IT companies approach schools to sell and not to help.  Schools seek and need support, they are more than just customers.  This seminar will uphold this requirement and belief.  It will provide technical information that schools do not have access to otherwise.  Such information is authentic and independent.  This is how we want to operate this forum.  The programme is as shown below.  Please reply to this email to register.  Each school can have up to 2 delegates.  Attendance is free of charge but must be pre-registered.

2:00pm Welcome by John Rummery, Kamo High School
2:05pm Industry Presentation 3D Visualization technologies by Nextspace Auckland
3:55pm Industry Presentation Data Backup Overview by Tandberg Singapore & Compucon Auckland
3:45pm Muffin Break at School Staffroom
4:15pm Open Floor Forum chaired by Jonathan Beveridge, EQUICO
5:00pm  Finish