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RDX Filekeeper Backup Software FAQ Print
October 2008

Filekeeper is a piece of back up software bundled with each RDX drive free of charge.

(Q1) The biggest concern expressed is that the software appears to be adequate for personal back up and not for server back up.  Can you comment on this point?

[ans] Not entirely true. The RDX FileKeeper is built for server protection as well. It supports full image backup and offers disaster recovery by booting off a bootable CD/DVD (generated by FileKeeper) at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Windows Server 2003 / 2008 protection is current supported. All native Microsoft Server applications are protected by the RDX's full image backup, e.g. ADS, IIS, DHCP, DNS etc. External applications such as SQL and Exchange will require the use of supporting agents to fully protect them.

(Q2) Does the backup and recovery take place on a File level and not Block level?  Can we specify which partitions of a HDD or RAID to back up?

[ans] The backup (file versioning) takes place on block-level; subsequent changed blocks are backed up which make references to the original version. This helps to minimize space required. Full image backup takes everything. All local drives are protected. File versioning allows you to specify protection of files on removable (USB) or network mapped drives.

(Q3) Does the software work under Windows 2008 64bit version?

[ans] The RDX FileKeeper has NO support for x64 Windows. Tandberg is planing to have x64 support by Q2 '09.

(Q4) Can we apply compression to the back up in order to squeeze more onto RDX medium?

[ans] No, the RDX does not allow you to specify compression settings.

(Q5) What is the time taken to back up for the first time for each of 80GB, 160GB, 300GB and 500GB?

[ans] I presume you are referring to full image backup. Typical transfer rate of the RDX varies from 25 MB/s to 30 MB/s. The first time backup is not applicable for file versioning.

(Q6) The password entry does not ask for confirmation and this is dangerous.  Can we do the back up and recovery WITHOUT password?

[ans] Yes you can turn off encryption by not selecting the encryption button. The password phrase is to offer 128-bit encryption. This ensures that the data is NOT restorable in event of lost RDX media without the password phrase. Please REMEMBER your password because data is not recoverable if you lost it.