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April 2009

Please register for this Forum by replying either to John Rummery at Kamo or TN Chan at Compucon, and advising us of your school name, personal name and role in the school.

Target Audience: School Management, IT Managers & IT Teachers
Date: 30 April 2009 Thursday
Venue: Kamo High School Whangarei

2:00pm     IP based Video Surveillance
2:45pm     Open Source Software
3:30pm     Muffin Break
4:00pm     Open Floor Forum
5:00pm     Finish

IP based Video Surveillance…

Video Surveillance has been in the domain of security systems as a separate and specific industry until recently.  Most video surveillance systems were installed by electrician who carries a security guard licence.  Owing to the analogue nature of their cameras, the technology has progressed very slowly and has virtually come to a halt recently.  Their cameras can provide images up to a resolution of 760 x 576 dots only and in many cases the resolution degrades over distance or copying to the point that the images are not useful for identification purposes in cases of crime investigation.

IPVS is presumably the second major end user applications of Internet Protocol technologies after VOIP (Voice over IP such as Skype).  VOIP deals with voice and IPVS deals with video.  Video demands more processing and transmission efforts than voice, and IP came along to offer a host of standard capabilities to Video Surveillance.  This seminar is designed to explain the technologies and benefits that IP has brought in for Video Surveillance over and above analogue technology.  In the course of the explanation, we will obtain a good understanding of what an IPVS system consists of and how to build one based on the existing knowledge that most IT professionals already possess.  Do not ignore the physics of optics and video compression techniques.  We will cover them in the seminar.

Speaker: TN Chan, System Architect of Compucon New Zealand & Industry Supervisor of University of Auckland

Open Source Software…

Open Source Software is a new term as it has existed for less than 20 years.  Linus Torvalds created Linux- an operating system he modified from Unix to run on PC in 1992 and offered to the world for free re-use.  He kick started the culture of sharing and joint developments on a worldwide basis, and the culture has since grown considerably to give us wonderful tools such as Wikipedia and LAMP web servers. 

For sure, people who are software literate are free to deploy Open Source Software for real life use such as in schools.  The concern is the lack of a well established structure that will readily respond to requests for support locally such as in Northland.  There are many practical issues we need to address. 

Dr Albert van Aardt is an expert in Open Source Software.  He will give us a brief overview of what Open Source is and what the legal issues are in using it. He will then briefly discuss open standards and the implications for schools. Finally he will talk on what OSS packages are available that could be used in a typical academic institution. It is a lecture not to be missed.

Speaker: Dr Albert van Aardt, Principal Academic Member, Computing and Information Systems, Northland Polytechnic