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2 Faces of Hardware Print
August 2009

The writer attended the largest computer hardware exhibition in the world recently and has read a report by 2 NZ journalists on the event.  The report is about the drop of attendees due to economic recession and the proliferation of netbooks.  The points are accurate but vastly incomplete. They see one face of hardware trend only.  Netbooks are in fact a transitional product.  It is cheap, small and low powered.  It is on the way to get smaller, cheaper and lowered powered and to merge with PDA (personal digital assistant) to become MID (mobile Internet devices).

The other face of hardware is about heavy computing fabrics such as blade servers and storage servers for backroom installations. Two new products are particularly impressive.  One is a 2U Twin system providing 4 full and independent systems.  It fulfils a mid way requirement between blade servers and individualised servers.  The other is a GPU server which combines the power of GPU from VGA cards with the CPU of a standard system.  GPU is a lot faster than CPU for some scientific calculations.  Do you want one?

PC is staying as the centre of personal computing.  MID is just an interface and backend server is the arsenal and archive.  Feel free to seek more info from This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it on hardware trends relating to school ICT planning.