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How Small is a Small PC? Print
August 2009

Computers are getting smaller and smaller over time.  The current vision of the ultimate size is that of a power socket on the wall and such commercial products are available already.  Without doubt, the limited size of a power socket means less components as today’s mass market technology size is indicated by a 3.5” Hard Disk (HDD) for storage or 1.8” Solid State Disk (SSD) if price is not a concern.  For sure no HDD or SSD can fit inside the wall socket at this stage.  There will be a functional compromise towards miniaturisation.   After 15 months of research and visualization efforts, Compucon has arrived at a new box that complies with open technology standards and is 1/3 in size of the current smallest computer models- Jasper and Diamond without losing much functionality. 
How much functionality has the new box lost and is the new box cheaper or more expensive?  The new box can have 1 or 2 memory slots for up to 2 or 4GB of memory.  The new box can have one add-on card max.  The new box can take one laptop size hard disk if we need an internal DVD RW.  The price is about 15% higher than Jasper or Diamond.  Is there a place in the school for such a desk top or desk bottom or wall mounted computer?  Please give us some comments.

Please go to the Compucon Home Page and click Products for the Mini-PC.