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Mini Economy of Scale Print
August 2009

Blade Servers are meant to provide economy of scale in terms of hardware capital cost, installation space and centralized management.  The concept is fine but not many schools need to pay for Blade Servers as they are overkills.  We have now come up with a modified concept- “economy of scale on a small scale”.  We have done our home work to make sure that this idea is valid as the words may indicate some contradiction.  The smallest scale is of course 2 servers in one enclosure and we have found an optimal scale in 4 servers in one.  For reference, the highest density in the market is 14 systems per 7U (U is a unit of rack height).  Let us go straight to our idea which is based on fitness for purpose and total cost of ownership criteria. 

Our offer is 4 systems in 2U.  In terms of cost, we are able to achieve a price point of 3 servers for 4 when compared to single 1U systems.  Space wise, we save 100%.  Management wise, we provide individual system management via Virtual KVM.  On fitness for purpose, we maintain Dual Socket Quad Core Xeon level, up to 48GB and 3 standard SATA HDD per system.  In terms of redundancy, we provide hot PSU failover and we can even implement cold system restoration within 2 minutes.  The concept is unique and the product is brand new.  Feel free to ask for more info from This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .