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October 2009

Cloud Computing is hot but what is it really?  This session will explain what it is and how it came about.  More importantly, this session will explain if and when it will be the next de facto way for computing, replacing the conventional computing model.  Rainforest has obviously become prominent recently through the climate change regime.  It is connected with the Cloud and they are part of the eco-system of the blue planet. Rainforests are adaptive but some are victims of human ignorance.  These characteristics have opened up a new horizon for the review of our traditional computing infrastructure in schools.  This session attempts to provide an overview of the entire concept to School Management, together with a few pointers to the Chief Rangers on Rainforests.

Speaker: TN Chan.
System Architect of Compucon New Zealand.
Industry Supervisor, University of Auckland. 
Chartered Engineer.

Compucon: 2009-1106 Cloud Computing Rainforests.pdf (1MB)