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Rainforest & Central Heating Plant for ICT? Print
March 2010
We explained Cloud Computing at the School Forum in late November last year and proposed a Rainforest Model for guiding ICT investment directions and decisions.  See this

The shift from Rainforest to Cloud Computing is very much a replicate of electricity generation.  We have seen the centralization of electricity generation for achieving a better scale of economies.  Different to electricity is the nature of data.  Electricity is a commodity and has the same quality whether it is produced from hydro, coal or geothermal.  Data is a completely different story.  Do we keep our confidential data in the cloud or with someone we do not know?  Would cloud operators be as unreliable as the loss of XT services south of Taupo recently?  Can we reclaim our data in absolute confidence and integrity in case we want it back? 

To our surprise, UK and Europe are now trialling a new concept in the name of cutting costs and carbon footprint.  It is about installing micro plants in privately owned places as small as households for generating electricity and supplying hot water!  It is a reversal of the phenomenon of centralization.  There is certainly food for thought here?  We will discuss this further.