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Video Surveillance Cost Profile Print
May 2010

When we previously introduced a video surveillance system built with the latest Internet Protocol technology, we met 2 diverse responses. Half welcome the higher clarity of camera videos and the ease of integrating into the local area network for operation and management. Half resented the price of the new technology implying that they are not convinced of the extra cost for the extra benefits.  This has prompted us to go backward one step and invest in a technology that is being phased out.  The exercise is an acceptance that buying on price is still a popular behaviour and that outgoing technologies are not necessarily unfit. 

Most video surveillance installations in New Zealand are small.  We have looked at the range of 4 to 64 cameras per site and work out a cost profile.  Contrary to the normal expectation of economies of scale, video surveillance systems take on a different cost profile.  See this white paper.