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Wireless for LAN and Video Surveillance Print
July 2010

Many schools have deployed wireless to extend the reach of the local area network to cover open fields or playgrounds on the campus.  This type of equipment is called Access Point which acts as a hub for various teachers and students in a circle of area to be connected.  Can we use the same for IPVS?  The blunt answer is negative.   Can we use wireless for IPVS?  Yes this time. 

When used for an IP based video surveillance system, we deploy wireless for a similar but not the same reason.  That is, we deploy wireless to extend the distance of signal forwarding but not for reception or emission of signals.  Take the open playfield as an example.  The far end of the playfield is about 500 metres away from the nearest school block with data cabling.  We can install a camera there, connect it to a wireless bridge and use it to beam the video signals back to the school block.  We need a pair of them to form a bridge.  This arrangement should be more economical than laying a cable across an open space of 500M or 5KM. 

Since video requires a lot of bandwidth, will wireless cope?  Yes if we choose the correct equipment. Compucon is related to an international wireless consultant and this consultant has commissioned a test over a straight line spatial distance of 1.7KM in Taiwan.  The test obtained 81Mbps of effective traffic which is higher than a standard LAN cable (100Mbps type gives about 60Mbps effectively).  The editor has been involved in this wireless project for several months and has written a tutorial to explain the technology in very simple layman terms.  Please obtain a copy of the tutorial there if you are interested.