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Hanel Data Center Chose ACTi IP Surveillance Solution in Vietnam Print
August 2010
End User: Hanel Data Center
Country: Vietnam
Vertical Market: Enterprise & Residential
Products: ACM-1231, ACM-8511, ACM-4201
Solution:  ACTi Unified Solution
SI:  Giang Viet System Integrated Company
HANEL DATA CENTER is at Sai Dong Industrial zone, Ha Noi Capital, Vietnam. ( It is a joint venture between Hanel Com and CFS Joint Stock of Malaysia. It was built in 1300 met square at Sai Dong Industrial zone, Ha Noi Capital. Hanel Data Center has ability to contain 150 server cabinets with high standard network infrastructure.
ACTi offers complete product line for different vertical markets. 15 units of Megapixel IP Cube Camera, ACM-4201, were installed at the Server Room, Network Room UPS Room and Entrance. ACM-4201 cameras have compact appearance to present a clean look of the building surveillance. Megapixel IP IR Bullet Camera, ACM-1231, was used for the entrance monitoring as well. It is the all-in-one model which performs clear video image even at night mode. IP PTZ Camera, ACM-8511, secures the outside area. With 10x optical zoom, it is more efficient than a normal fixed camera. The main reason choosing ACTi was the best price at good video quality for data center.
ACTi Unified Solution helps to secure Hanel Data Center. The security guard can monitor each place from the control center room. Besides, the customers also use the access control with ACTi surveillance system which ensures the safety is guaranteed.
Giang Viet System Integrated Company uses ACTi IP Cameras and ACCS to increase security for Hanel Data Center. Also, the ACTi Professional NVR software is 64ch FREE, which fulfills customer’s budget in this project.
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