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Direct Attached Storage - Arena Aiby II System *EOL* Print

Stopped supply as at 1/1/2008

There are many approaches for expanding the storage capacity of a server or network, such as with additional disks in a server or externally on the local area network. The former approach is called DAS for direct attached storage and the latter approach is NAS for network attached storage. DAS is normally internal because external products have previously been expensive and limited in functionality. Compucon now announces a new external DAS product to address the gap in the market. This unit uses low cost IDE hard disks and provides various storage features such as Data redundancy and Data stripping on top of expansion of storage outside the server chassis. It is suitable for storage of reference files and data rather than for transactional information.


This product is a Direct Attached Storage (DAS) unit holding up to 4 IDE HDD on RAID-0, 1, 5, 10 or JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks). The unit connects to a PC or server via a 68pin SCSI cable. That is, this unit is External to a PC or server. It is not NAS. NAS connects to the network through a 10/100 RJ45 port. This DAS unit is OS transparent. It has its own PSU requiring power supply separate from the PC or server, and we recommend it to be on UPS in case RAID is used. The PC or server needs a SCSI card to connect to this unit to work. The PC or server can have its internal HDD or RAID and this DAS will provide extra external storage.

Technical Specifications
Microprocessor: Inbuilt-Controller Intel i80303 64-bit RISC Microprocessor
Cache Memory: 64~512MB SDRAM
- DRAM Slots: One
- Module Type: 144-pin DIMM
- DRAM Speed: PC100/133
- Parity: Non-Parity
- Read Cache: Read-Ahead
- Write Cache: Write Back*
Firmware: Flash EEPROM, 256K x 8
SCSI I/O Processor: LSI SYM53C1010
Serial Port: 1 x RS232 (Asynchronous) Port
- Baud Rate: 115,200 (bps)
- Data Bits: 8
- Stop Bit: 1
- Parity: None
RAID Levels: JBOD, 0, 1, 0+1, 3 or 5
Data Transfer Rate: Up to 160MB/s
SCSI ID Assignment: 0 ~14 (0*)
TCQ: Up to 255 simultaneous data requests

- Host Bus: 1 * Ultra 160 LVD SCSI (68 pin)
- Disk Bus: 4 * Ultra ATA-100
- Drives: Hot Swappable
- Up to 4 x 3.5 inch E-IDE drives (1"height)
Maximum Fault Tolerant Capacity: >500GB
Drive MTBF: > 1,000,000 hrs
Host Requirement: Host Independent and Transparent
Operating System: O/S Independent and Transparent
Data Rebuild: Automatic Data Regeneration
LCD Display Panel: 2 x 16 Characters
Power Supply Capacity: 200W
AC Input Voltage: 110/220V (+/-10%), 60/50 Hz

Relative Humidity: 10% to 85 % Non-condensing
Operating Temperature: 5 ~ 40
Non-operating: -25 ~ 60
Dimensions Physical: 165(W) x 295(D) x 285(H) mm
Package: 300(W) x 445(D) x 425 (H) mm
Weight Physical: 7 kg (w/o Disk Drive)
Package: 10.5 kg (w/o Disk Drive)

* Default Setting