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Why PC has Grains and What’s Newest? Print
August 2010

A PC is a PC, as many people said.  This is a simplistic view because PC is a category and it contains a large range of variations.  To say a category is a category conveys no useful message.  We would like to do better and propose 3 dimensions for reference.  They are eco-being, functional and cost features.  This framework of considerations will help school management makes informed decisions on purchase of PC assets by setting the relative weightings of the 3 dimensions. 

- Eco-being refers to the aesthetics and form factor of a PC, its human interface and its existence in the larger environment. 
- Functional refers to usages such as a cloud device, a standard desktop of a local area network, a server or a dedicated graphics rendering machine.
- Cost features refer to the economies of operation and maintenance such as on electricity, labour, frustrations and opportunities. 


The latest PC technology is integrated graphics in the CPU as a progression towards miniaturisation.  It is a step further than on-board graphics or integrated graphics in the chipset (motherboard).  This enables small form factor machines (micro ATX) to have higher computing power (Intel Core i3 and i5) and graphics processing power (Intel GMA HD) at the same time.  Please click this to see the specification of such a machine called Compucon Diamond Plus.

This system exceeds the requirements of students (process workers) and enters the knowledge PC domain but is not appropriate for handling graphics intensive workloads.  It is designed to achieve a low total cost of ownership for high end mainstream users.