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Tandberg Data RDX Media Print
March 2011

Media cartridges for the RDX QuikStor are available in the following capacities:

160GB 64GB
320GB 128GB
500GB 256GB
640GB 512GB

The RDX QuikStor solution is fully backward and forward compatible, so you protect your investment in both the drive and the media. The RDX cartridge is incredibly rugged and shock resistant to accommodate accidental falls from the rack or desk.

Tandberg Data offers two different types of RDX cartridges—cartridges with hard drives inside and cartridges with solid-state disk inside. Regular RDX cartridges are designed to provide easy-to-use, affordable and reliable data protection. Solid-state disk RDX cartridges are designed for customers who are willing to pay a premium to protect their environments that need extreme speed and durability, in a portable storage device.

The performance of the RDX cartridges differ, with hard disk drives reading and writing data between 60 and 100MB/s and solid-state disks reading and writing data up to 180MB/s. Customers can select between 160, 320, 500, 640GB and 1TB hard disk capacities or 64, 128, 256 or 512GB solid-state cartridge capacities. RDX cartridges are specified for 5,000 load/unload cycles, providing years of daily use.

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