Jasper Settles on 760G
August 2011

The AMD camp in the Compucon Desktop Stable has 2 members only.  They are Thunderbird and Jasper.  Thunderbird is for power and mainstream users.  Jasper is for mainstream and process users.  The design basis for this camp is slightly different to the Intel camp.  From our assessments, AMD is weaker than Intel for computing at the top end but stronger for graphics in general.  If users want max computing and graphics power, we would recommend Superhawk Plus and a discrete graphics card.  If users want better graphics at a reasonable price point, we would recommend Thunderbird for faster computing or Jasper for standard computing requirements.  Read on about an imminent change on Jasper. 

Thunderbird evolved from 880G chipset to A75 chipset in August.  The event is the biggest release from AMD for a long time and we have described the features of A75 in a previous article.  See this:  http://www.compucon.co.nz/content/view/1129/57/.  In the months leading to the event, Jasper lost its nVidia heritage for obvious reasons and we were undecided on its successor.  Jasper took on 880G during the interim and it is more justifiably called Jasper Plus.  The dust has settled and the roadmap is clear.  We will take on 760G chipset for Jasper.  The integrated graphics of 760G is inferior to 880G and the price is lower.  This is just right for Jasper.   We have started the Compucon system introduction process and Jasper Plus will come down to be Jasper soon. 

Jasper will continue to have Athlon64 A255 as the base CPU.  It can take Phenom64 as options.  Memory will be 2GB at the entry point with a 4GB option.  Its housing is the micro tower case.   Please note that Jasper is not the entry level system model.  We have Onyx and Pearl for entry level computing.