Building a Technology Park
November 2011

We have been spending very substantial efforts, as substantial as one full time staff position between Mathew, Edmond and TN, since this year 2011 began to upgrade our website.  We have 3 goals for our efforts: (a) Make navigation as straight forward and intuitive as possible, (b) Make browsing a pleasure by adding graphics and video clips, and (c) Reflect the technical capabilities and personality of our company.  As of the end of October 2011, our Compucon website has 1216 pages and it is in the league of major technology websites in New Zealand.  Whilst all pricing information is hidden in the Members Only Area, we have attempted to post more end-user level technology information on the public area.  This attempt is for addressing comments from some channel members that Compucon did very well to communicate with channel members but not with the public.  As web is becoming the predominant communication media over time, we believe that we are going in the correct direction.  We would like to seek your endorsement of our efforts in this regard.  Reference: we will present a survey report on the web becoming the predominant media at the Tech Briefing in early December.

We entered Video Surveillance as early as 2008, and have been hesitant on the type of information to post on the public area.  Pricing info has always been inside the Members Area, but the lack of product or technology information means that the website does not support self-servicing which is another prevalent practice in the information age.  Video Surveillance involves several direct technologies and indirect technologies.  Direct refers to IP cameras, analogue cameras, Video Management Software, and DVR.  Indirect refers to POE switch and wireless LAN which do not pertain to Video Surveillance but are applicable to a lot of other scenarios.  At one stage, we grouped these direct and indirect technologies as “Industrial and Engineering”. 

Our traditional core competence is in computer system building and this has extended to storage systems over the year as in DAS, NAS and SAN.  Synology and Tandberg Data came to the party and they fill the back up and disaster recovery very well. 

Asustek came along and offered their Xtion human gesture technology to us.  Although we are not in a position to develop new applications for Xtion, the fact that we are involved in such an early stage would only lead us to see the wider horizon rather than going down the tide of no return. 

All these events made us think again of our company position and direction.  As of 1 November 2011, we have settled on 4 main streams of technologies.  They are Desktop PC, Servers & Workstations, Storage, and a new Technology Park to accommodate various well defined technologies.  For example, we have been working on External Infrared Illuminators for a while and IR Illumination will move into the Technology Park in the very near future.  

Please have a tour of our public website, and give us some inputs if the new face and contents will appeal to more of our end user customers.  We welcome channel members to use our website materials to help end users.