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Electromagnetic Interference Prevention Print
March 2007
Compucon is one of the first companies in New Zealand to practise electromagnetic interference or emission prevention. We comply with the regulations for controlling radio emission as outlined by the Ministry of Economic Development in Section A with Quality Assurance procedures as outlined in Section B below.

Section A
Radio Communications (Compliance) Notice 2004

Level of Conformity 2: Where a product is in a class to which level of conformity 2 applies, then, prior to supplying the product, the supplier must ensure that the product conforms to an application standard and
  1. must label the product with a compliance mark and the supplier's supplier identification and
  2. a product description and
  3. a test report or manufacturer's performance specification or a certificate issued by another administration

(Note: Level 2 applies to Information Technology equipment. Level A1 applies to Radio Products such as wireless mouse)

Radio Communications (EMC Standards) Notice 2004

Table 1- Australian and New Zealand Standards
AS/NZS CISPR22 for Information Technology equipment, or
Table 4- European Standards
European Norm EN- 55022 for Information Technology equipment

Code of Practice- EMC Requirements for Assemblers of Personal Computers

Where a supplier assembles a PC using compliant and labelled sub-assemblies, which are installed in an effectively screened metal case, the device is deemed to comply with the standard. Testing the finished product against the standard is not required unless requested by the Ministry where reason exists to doubt effective compliance (e.g. interference may have been traced to operation of the PC). The complete PC should be labelled with the compliance mark. PC assemblers need to register as suppliers with RSM for approval to use the C-Tick compliance mark.
Section B
  • QMII 05/24/01 Vigilant of the currency of legal requirements. Maintain a copy of the current legal requirements in the office as stated in QMII 01/04 Reference. Reproduce the key points in the sub-section for ease of reference.
  • QMII 05/24/02 Initiate the procedure as outlined in the sub-section for computer systems whenever we introduce a new System Model for confirming compliance. Otherwise, carry out the procedure every 6 months. Rectify discrepancies immediately
  • QMII 05/24/03 Initiate the procedure as outlined in the sub-section for sub-assemblies whenever we import a new item for confirming compliance.
  • QMII 05/24/04 and 05 For any Compucon branded equipment made by third parties, obtain an EMC test report from the original equipment manufacturer and ask the manufacturer to confirm that the test report is applicable to our brand.