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Reduce Electricity Consumption Print
March 2007
There are many ways of reducing electricity consumption without sacrificing the performance of computing equipment ranging from incorporating special measures in system design to the manner users operate computers.
  • Compucon takes the lead by rejecting or deferring technologies that are energy inefficient. A good example was the promotion of the cool and efficient Pentium III Tualatin processors in preference to adoption of the hot and inefficient Pentium 4 processors in year 2002 and 2003 timeframe.
  • Compucon has been following the developments of big electricity ticket components such as the CPU, graphics cards and memory and provide measures to provide a balance between performance and energy saving. For example, Compucon provides a spare ventilation fan that can be disconnected if the PC has few components and connected if the user adds components such as a discrete VGA card to the PC later on.
  • The power supply unit (PSU) of the PC is another component that can waste energy. Compucon is taking steps to use PSU with improved efficiency. (updated May 2008) The standard 550W PSU for Workgroup, Platinum & Vanadium server in the standard Compucon case is rated at 75% efficiency and 650W is rated at 80% at typical loading
  • A lot of computers idle such as in the evening. Whilst we do not recommend that they be turned off and on daily, we recommend that the monitors and displays be turned off when not in use. We will progressively introduce measures to cut down automatically computer component activities when idling.