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ACTi & Olli Trans Provide Multiple Media Service for Traffic Monitoring in Kiev, Ukraine Print
August 2010
Country: Ukraine
Vertical Market: Transportation
Products:ACM-1231, ACM-1431
Solution:  OLLI TRANS
VIDEOPROBKI (as trade mark of the service) – provides online information about the traffic conditions in Ukraine. The service provides real time TV quality content of traffic live view, and traffic analyses to local TV channels or providing traffic information through SMS/MMS mobile service.
By the date, in the system, 100 units of ACTi camera were installed. 10 units of ACTi ACM-1231 and 90 units of ACM-1431 were installed at main streets in Kiev and provide 24 hours live view of traffic. With ACTi SDK (Software Development Kit), video stream from camera was easily integrated into Olli Trans’ multimedia service.
ACTi outdoor bullet cameras provide clear image at both day time and night time, since IR LED and mechanical IR cut filter are equipped. Moreover, build-in vari-focal lens, IP66 housing, and POE function also make installation much easier. Besides, with the live view of the instant traffic, people can avoid the traffic jam. Even when the car accident happens, the police can even know the situation immediately. Moreover, they can play back to a certain time for the record they need.  The traffic monitoring will be more effective and more precise.
System Architecture

Product Page: ACM-1231, ACM-1431
Datasheet: ACM-1231, ACM-1431
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