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Open Architecture

Open Architecture refers to software and hardware that are open to access and to use.   This is the opposite of Closed Source.

Many resources online are open source.  Whilst they are open and most are free of charge to use, each resource would have its copyright and user licence that we must respect and comply with.

Examples of resources that are open source:

  1. Linux as an operating system
  2. OpenCL as a parallel computing tool
  3. RISC-V as a CPU design
  4. Open Compute Project for datacentre racks and servers
Compucon New Zealand promotes Open Architecture.  This does not imply that we know all the open wares in the world or that we can assure the quality of each.  Far from it.  We promote Open Architecture for the simple reason that we have access to the resource and are not locked in if we pay or locked out if we do not pay.  

The PC industry has many industry and proprietary standards.  They are unlikely Open Architecture.  The good news is that many technologies are opening up over time.   Compucon will find out how we can share our open world findings with customers for the joy of an open door.  We will add more open source and open standards information on this website over time.


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