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Compucon New Zealand has a long history of serving the business communities in New Zealand.  Our mission statement is very simple.  It is to enhance the productivity of business customers through the supply and support of computing equipment.  For more than 15 years, we have been achieving the mission by defining quality as fitness for purpose, helping customers to understand cost as the total cost of ownership and executing all processes under the auspices of an ISO-9001 certified management system.   Over the years, the company has survived the attack of tornados, typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis of the PC industry whilst the overwhelming majority have fallen down.  How do we do it?   Again, the answer is simple.  We stick to the basics of business- helping customers achieve productivity, innovations and competitiveness.   As such, we have enjoyed overwhelming supports and loyalty of the business communities in New Zealand.  We are grateful of our customers.

subscribe_btn.pngPlease register with us as a Compucon Business Community member.  This will enable Compucon to send you regular newsletters to help your business.  Click here for the registration panel.
If you wish to participate in discussions with peers in the Business Community on IT matters in a web forum, please access the forum here.  You will have to go through a registration process if not previously done.  Some topics would be classified as technical and some as managerial or entrepreneurial. forum_btn.png