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Useful Freeware

Compucon has identified a list of freeware or trialware that is useful either as applications (such as Adobe PDF Reader) or diagnosis tools (such as Passmark BITPRO).

When a Compucon system is ordered with Windows, Compucon will add the freeware to a folder called the Compucon Folder as a service. Customers are welcome to use the freeware, ignore or delete them as desired. The list of freeware varies from time to time and the list shown here is a typical example.

Please make sure that you understand how to use the freeware before installing and running it. Compucon does not cover the operation of freeware.
December 2011 Media Player Classic
December 2011 Sysinternals
December 2011 PC WIZARD
December 2011 Dead Pixel Buddy
December 2011 PowerArchiver
December 2011 PuTTY
December 2011 CPU-Z
December 2011 Mozilla Firefox
December 2011 VLC media player