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CAD Application Areas

CAD is Computer Aided Design which is inclusive of Drafting. We are interested in the subset of CAD which takes advantage of nVidia Quadro technology for 2D and 3D models. This type of CAD falls neatly into two categories; CAD for Architecture, Engineering, or Construction or AEC; and CAD for artistic purposes. 

Common CAD terms are

    Modelling refers to the construction of digital data to represent a physical object which includes natural and invented objects.
    Rendering refers to a process in which a high quality image is generated from the digital description of an object- the image can be photorealistic or non-photorealistic as intended.
    Texturing refers to assigning images or attributes to represent how an object will look when it is rendered.


    Modelling in functional CAD refers to a process of building the design from a sequence relationships resolved by parameters into measurements. This is called parametric design.
    BIM is Building Information Management.  It refers to a standardized way of communicating design decisions by providing software solutions to planning, design, construction and management of building construction projects. 
    CAE is Computer Aided Engineering.  It refers to simulation of predominantly mechanical properties of models to test if a design is fit for purpose. 
    CAM is Computer Aided Manufacturing.  It refers to providing instruction to machines to realize the object of design.  
    GD&T is Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. It is the process of defining the minimum error allowed for manufacture of designs.

CAD for Artistic Purposes

    Modelling in Artistic CAD is the construction, deformation and modification of a representation’s corners, edges and surfaces. 
    Animating is the process of dividing the motion of objects into a sequence of individual frames for rendering and latter display as a timed sequence. 
    Scenes are collections of information such as; objects and how they move in relationship to each other; how lighting affects the rendering of the objects.
    Areas of Artistic CAD:
    Static such as statutes
    Dynamic such as movies and videos
    Real time such as games and interactive movies


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