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What is DVR?

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder.  It is associated with the use of analogue cameras for video surveillance.  DVR has started using a lot of PC technologies but it still takes analogue signals from cameras through one-to-one ports and analogue-digital-converters. As analogue cameras are cheaper than IP cameras (as at April 2010), many customers still go for analogue systems including DVR.  As long as the cost advantage exists, DVR continues to exist.  This section aims to provide some information on DVR so that customers can make informed decisions.  A very simplistic guideline is to go for DVR and analogue if the site needs 8 or less cameras now and within the next few years.  You can have 2 DVR for 16 cameras or buy a bigger DVR for 16 camera but these options are not economical or elegant.

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