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Newsletter Articles - for principals, ICT directors, ICT teachers
August 2012 Computing in Schools: must try harder
May 2012 Newsletter May 2012- CPU, Digital Age, Q&A
August 2011 PC for School is Dead or Alive?
June 2011 State of Cloud Computing …
June 2011 Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops …
June 2011 Myths of Computing …
June 2011 Surveillance Against Vandalism & Bullying?
June 2011 Human Body Temperature …
June 2011 Video is 21st Century Language …
June 2011 White Clouds Dark Clouds …
June 2011 Digital TV and TV over the Internet …
June 2011 Europe Leads in Crossing over to IP …
June 2011 Bottom Line through the Web?
August 2010 Grains of Video Surveillance Cameras …
August 2010 Why PC has Grains and What’s Newest?
July 2010 Australian Advice on Video Surveillance in Schools
May 2010 Video Surveillance Cost Profile
March 2010 Rainforest & Central Heating Plant for ICT?
March 2010 Open Disks for Students and General Use
December 2009 Using Open Source in Teaching Programming …
November 2009 Key Messages from School Forum 6 Nov…
May 2008 How can the IT Industry help schools?
February 2008 Top ICT Role Model in the World
September 2007 The teaching of Information Technologies
August 2007 What have Schools Gained from School TECH?
June 2007 Budgeting Advice from Jonathan Beveridge
April 2007 Lessons from World Economic Forum
March 2007 School ICT on Budget
February 2007 Roles of ICT Director
December 2006 Third Space of Interactivity Education
October 2006 Literacy, Numeracy and Computeracy
September 2006 Big Names for the Information Age
August 2006 ICT for Schools or Schools for ICT?
July 2006 The ICT in Schools Report 2005 Revealed a Major Fault