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Student/Teacher Seminars

Compucon has run seminars for senior secondary students and ICT teachers since 2003. The initial motivation for the effort was based on a desire to remove myths and to reinforce certainties of information about information technologies. There was too much information thrown to the public for commercial gains and a high portion of the information is misleading or incorrect. Secondary School curriculum has not included hardware technologies although schemes such as ICDL are being introduced to close the gap eventually. As such, students were exposed to incorrect information that does not increase but reduce their level of understanding. The initial motivation has since been rewarded by overwhelmingly positive feedback from students. Efforts have stepped up and the seminars have included messages to help students learn to learn, to relate things in the real world and to discover their innate interests. Teachers have commented that the standard of the Compucon seminars are at a level higher than organised by schools and that students have learnt at a high pace and enjoyed the learning process very much. The following modules are designed for seminars of 1 to 2 hour duration.

Please email if you are interested in one or some of the seminars for your school. Compucon has done over 10 seminars free of charge so far as a direct contribution to the society.


October 2013 Compucon Open Technology Seminar at Kamo High
October 2012 For Students- From Very Small to Very Powerful
October 2012 Digital Culture in 2013 + Feedbacks
April 2012 Digital Student for Kamo High on 27 April 2012
April 2012 Digital Technology in Whangarei on 26 April 2012
May 2010 The Computer and Me
November 2009 Internet Videos
October 2009 The Internet- its Magic and Construction
November 2008 Every Computer & Its Man
April 2008 The Computer & Human Body
May 2007 Computer Platform Developments
May 2007 Internet Hierarchy
May 2007 Information at the Speed of Light
April 2007 Computer Design and Production Process
April 2007 Wireless LAN
April 2007 Local Area Network