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Quadro 410, for entry level CAD Print
March 2013

Quadro 410 is the 1st card we took up with Kepler K10 cores as of March 2013.   It is an entry level card for the professional 3D CAD and digital content creation market sectors.  It replaced Quadro 400 (Q400) which was based on Fermi cores, but its performance was higher than Quadro 600 (Q600) which was supposed to be a step higher than Q400.  The table below shows the basic specifications of the 3 cards and their relative performance ratings (higher is better)

  Quadro 600
Quadro 400
Quadro 410
 GPU Specs
CUDA cores
 96  48
Form factor
 2.731" H x 6.6" L
 Single slot
 2.731" H x 5.58" L
 Single Slot
 2.731" H x 6.93" L
 Single Slot, Low profile
 GPU memory specs
Total frame buffer
 1 GB DDR3
 512MB DDR3
 512MB DDR3
Memory interface
 128-bit  64 bit
 64 bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)
 25.6 GB/s
 12.3 GB/s
 14 GB/s
Relative Performance Score
 15.4  12.9  16.65
Nvidia website stated:

30% improvement based on SPECviewperf 11 score on Quadro 410 of 17.8 (Xeon 3.3GHz w5590, 24GB RAM, Win7-64, 295.10 driver) compared to Quadro 400 score of 13.7 (Xeon 3.3GHz w5590, 24GB RAM, Win7-64, 295.10).


Our next effort was to find out how this entry level Quadro 410 performs relative to Quadro 2000 at the mainstream performance level.  We used a Compucon Superhawk-based DesignStation with Core i3-3220 4MB DDR3 Win 8-64 as the test platform and SPECviewperf11 as the benchmarking tool.  Quadro driver version is r311.15. Tests were set for 1280 x 960 and 8x FSAA.  We obtained the scores shown in the table- higher is better.  Note that Quadro 410 came close to Quadro 2000 for LightWave, Maya and Solidworks.

n-body_graph.jpgOur further effort was to find out how Quadro 410 performs on computation only (as against visualisation). The graphic on the right is our results for n-body, and refers to the Tesla C2075 (TC2075), Quadro 2000 (Q2000) and Quadro 410 (Q410). We used N-Body with 10000 bodies for the benchmarking, lower is faster.  The table is expressed in 10-logarithmic scale and the unit is millisecond. Q410 was not capable of running Double Precision at 10000 bodies, we inaccurately estimated its performance by using a linear extrapolation and excluded the result from the graph as not to mislead. The test platform is Superhawk Z77 Core i3-3220 4GB DDR3 Win 8-64.  Quadro driver version is r311.15.  N-Body is a sample simulation on the CUDA SDK version 306.94.

We were satisfied that Compucon DesignStation Q410 provides good value for its price as an entry level professional digital content creation system.


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