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2U4 DXT Platinum Server Print
August 2009



2U4 Platinum Enclosure (Front)
2U4 Platinum Motherboard
2U4 Platinum Enclosure (Rear)
Hot-Swappable Systems

The 2U4 Platinum Server by Compucon formerly known as 2U Twin offers a unique arrangement that differentiates it from Blade Servers or other high density rack-mounted servers.

It is a 4 in 1 scheme and is not a single computer system.  One 2U chassis accommodates 4 systems operating separately, yet provides a common and redundant power supply to them.  Each system consists of Dual Xeon CPUs, up to 48GB of memory, and 3 SATA HDD on Host RAID.  All systems are equipped with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports plus a 3rd port for dedicated IPMI remote management control (with remote power, KVM and Virtual Media).  All systems and all HDDs are hot swappable.  In addition to the price benefit and space saving, this scheme has considered redundancy, recovery and ease of management.   We can hot replace a failed system with a spare one easily as they are modular.  This product is a World First and is World Class.

The 2U Twin Enclosure will run fine with any number of system modules (Nodes). 

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