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Specific Purpose PC

     Readers may like to skip the overview information below and go straight to these specific purpose PC pages:


     Compucon makes general purpose PC systems in Auckland since 1992 and supplies to professional and business customers via IT consultants and site service providers.  Twentynine (29) years as of 2021-05-01 have since gone and Compucon continues making PC systems for the same customers despite most if not all other local New Zealand PC makers have left this industry.  The longevity of Compucon is solely due to the high reliability attribute of the machines.  High reliability is very important for professional and business customers.  This is a factor that improves their operational efficiency and reduces cost of maintenance for their respective businesses.

     By 2010, smart phones emerged on the horizon.  Smart phones are in fact miniaturized PC systems that is small and mobile.  They are built with PC technology in the heart and further enabled with cellular connectivity as well as Wi-Fi.  System-on-chip (SOC) is the most effective way of miniaturization as one such chip includes the CPU and all other electronic components in a small real estate. 

     By 2020, artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G technologies were considered the hottest technology developments around the world.  AI was software and a data centre affair initially because it involved high performance computing for the training phase.  It extends to hardware over the last few years and neural processors have appeared.  These neural processors are specific purpose computing units.  They can exist inside or outside of data centres at the edge where action is.  5G means 5th generation cellular or mobile connectivity.  It is faster and allows actions at the edge to be connected in real time.  AI and 5G are enabling a host of new applications to emerge at the edge (meaning outside the data centre).

     Compucon treats the terms edge systems and IOT (Internet of Things) interchangeably.  Edge has a clear notation that it is not data centre.  Similarly, IOT has a clear notation that it is not a network on the Internet scale of People but Things.   As we know, a local area network in an organization connects people together, and so is cloud computing connecting users and service providers via data centres.  IOT is not the same.  Autonomous Vehicles on the road connect with other AV on the road.  Robots in a smart factory connects with other robots locally.  Each of such systems is specific purpose computing.

     For sure, Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Cities are big ticket ideas affordable by only the big players and at national level.  What can a local and small player like Compucon do in this new era?  This takes us back to the top of the page.

     The last 30 years synchronized very well with Moore’s Law which gave rise to the PC industry.  Moore’s Law is not dead (2021) but it is certainly slowing down.  In order for the human race to continue the natural process of evolution, our technology leaders have pointed to specific purpose computing.  This is a new era.  Compucon estimates the life expectancy of specific purpose computing to be 40 years!   Beyond this era, something else invisible is being incubated somewhere.  Interesting.

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