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ISV Certification Print
April 2011
ISV stands for Independent Software Vendor.  ISV Certification normally means certification of computer hardware for running the software application by the software vendor who is independent of the hardware.  To understand more about this issue, we recommend reading the article “Inside CSV Certification” dated October 2003.

If you do not have time to read the article in full, the following extract will give you a good idea.
It's not hard to find the term "ISV certification" being misused, which suggests that there are misconceptions as to what the certification means. One over-enthusiastic workstation reseller advertised a consignment of workstations by promising, "By the way, this ISV Certification means that this (workstation)--including all its components--is 100% certified and OPTIMIZED; for maximum performance with the operating systems and processors".  This is comforting but not true.

Compucon has not attempted to seek ISV certification but has run relevant benchmarking software applications to infer software compliance which is logical to do so. Compucon goes further to optimize the hardware to give maximum performance of CAD applications. 
We have the opinion that being compliant is not difficult but achieving optimal performance is a challenge.

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