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Performance Benchmarking Print
March 2011

SPEC stand for "Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation"
a non-profit organization funded by industry members that aims
to "produce, establish, maintain and endorse a standardized set"
of performance benchmarks for computers



SPECviewperf Spec1.JPGmeasures performance for the following entities: 

  • 3D primitives, including points, lines, line_strip, line_loop, triangles, triangle_strip, triangle_fan, quads and polygons;
  • attributes per vertex, per primitive and per frame;
  • lighting;
  • texture mapping;
  • alpha blending;
  • fogging;
  • anti-aliasing; and
  • depth buffering.
Benchmarking graphics hardware with “test sets” supplied by 8 ISV
Min test system: 3GB main memory
Min test graphics hardware: OpenGL 1.5 Extension + 512MB memory

8 popular Viewsets (Graphics)
  • Newtek Lightwave 01
  • DS CATIA 03
  • CEI Ensight 04
  • AutoDesk Maya 03
  • PTC Pro Engineer 05
  • DS Solid Works 03
  • Siemens Teamcenter Visualisation
  • Siemens NX

lightwave-insect-lg.jpgtcvis03_med.jpg MayatoyStore_lg.gif proe-03Full.jpgcatia-3-shaders-full.jpgsnx1-lg.jpgensight-01Full.jpgsw-01Full.jpg

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